WOW: Sukhi Dhillon

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While some people’s lives have taken the straight road, mine has taken the scenic route. Over the past 16 years, I’ve been blessed to be the Program Director of a dental hygiene school, run as School Board Trustee in the local municipal election, help curate a museum exhibit, represent the Sikh community at multi-faith events/symposiums, initiate & teach Summer Sikhi camps for kids, and establish community partnerships with Sikh Heritage Month Hamilton. I’ve tried to be a mentor and voice for our children and our community. To me, feminism is about equality, choice and empowerment. My mom showed me that women can accomplish anything and that mistakes are part of the learning process. I believe gender roles are taught and gender stereotypes need to be unlearned and challenged. My husband and I try to lead by example, especially for our children, and adopt a gender role reversal in our home. Female leaders of tomorrow have the power to unify this world with their ambition, courage and love. I hope they will accept their uniqueness’, and just be unapologetically themselves!

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