WOTW: Gursimran

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What an honour to be chosen as woman of the week! 5 years ago I would have never imagined myself to be in the position I am today! Being a turban-girl has not only made me realize that I am different than the world, but it has also made me love my individuality. I am forever grateful to Maharaji for blessing me with the opportunity to continue doing what I love every. single. day. Being able to express myself through Art and Kirtan has not only been my greatest achievement but has also helped me keep grounded and more connected to my mind and body. Having this sense of self-awareness has helped me get through huge milestones while staying calm and even-minded through it all. Being in a field where someone was better than me was always on my mind and really discouraging. But by accepting that doing these things make me happy and feel closer to myself, it really helped me grow closer to my full potential. Sometimes it is important to look at things as a way to encourage your own development rather than tear it down. 
To all my sisters feeling embarrassed, nervous or scared to express themselves through social media:Keep doing what you love and show everyone your talents.
Do NOT let society chose what you can and cannot be.Be the purest version of yourself without the fear of others.
The world needs more people like you! 🙂 

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