Man Ally Monday: Noyz

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We live in a society that is always asking women to take a back seat and is telling them that their voices don’t matter. However, when I was a kid, I was raised in the presence of strong women who ran their households. My upbringing showed me that these societal norms needed to be changed because they don’t reflect reality.

I think for the women that I work with who are artists, a lot of how I support them is by showing up when they do events, and letting other people know about the work they do. It’s important for me to use the privilege and platform that I have from being a man, and the visibility I have created for myself as an artist, to amplify other woman who are trying to create their way as creatives and as artists.

 In Punjabi and Sikh communities, there aren’t enough positions of prominence for women. The way the Gurdwara’s are structured, we only see men in the committees or on stages in speaking roles. We’re cutting out half of our community from one of our most important institutions. As a result, there aren’t a lot of platforms where women in our community can be heard and feel safe. As men, sometimes supporting means stepping up and sometimes it means stepping back so women can speak.

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