Man Ally Monday: Avneet

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Growing up in a predominately female home, you can say I’ve been an ally to women my entire life, the same way they have been for me.  From being raised by the strongest women I know, to now helping raise two strong, independent sisters, its fair to say that women have played the most essential roles in my life.
Through these family ties, as well as working as a member of the community, I’ve not only witnessed the strength that women have, but I’ve also witnessed the adversary they face, especially within our South Asian community. As men, and as members of our community, I believe it is our duty to not only help women, but to level the playing field, and allow them the same opportunities that we have been given.
Although it may seem small, my experiences with Nachdi Jawani, especially our female teams, dancers, and instructors, have left me with a unprecedented amount of respect for women willing to defy gender norms and stereotypes. I’ve always said that action is the most important piece of change, and I salute those men and women who work everyday to make change happen. Im very proud of my team and our efforts to instil values of equality and empowerment in young individuals.The world is in a tough time, where more is being done to divide us than to unite us. However, our power stands in numbers and that’s why I believe more than anything else the world just needs to love. Love yourself, love your neighbour, love everyone you come in contact to. Stretch your hand to someone in need and let’s aim to create the balance that our community 

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