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My name is Rakhee Morzaria. I am an actor and comedian who wrote, produced and starred in, “Note to Self” a web-series that’s been nominated for a Canadian Screen Award and is currently up for three Canadian Comedy Awards. I wrote the series because I wanted to work and I didn’t quite understand where I fit in the entertainment industry. I saw so few South Asian women on TV and they always seemed to have these very elaborate and traditional backstories that I didn’t identify with. I recall doing a program where a diverse group of actors and comedians were chosen to create a live show. I felt this immense pressure to represent something…some viewpoint that would be satisfying for the people who chose me to be there.  When going out for castings that expected me to represent a certain narrative because the writer had a Westernized viewpoint, it felt like tokenism, or an afterthought, or just…unsavoury for some reason. I didn’t want to say three lines when I felt like I could say thirty. I wanted to work! So, I did. I realized writing and creating something would put me in the driver’s seat. I trusted my talent and my creativity. I trusted my amazing friends and colleagues who believed in the project and collaborated to bring it to life. I’m so thankful to them, to @CBCComedy and to my experiences thus far. This project has pushed me to create the future I want, and it feels very empowering.

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