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A woman with strength, self-respect, confidence, ambition, an objective. A woman who is constantly aspiring to reach higher … is a woman I conspire to be every day.

Growing up, my parents have always been very supportive and loving of my younger sister and I, my mother being the true nurturer she is, and my father being a hardworking business man in order to support his family. They taught us to be humble and always strive for the greatest, despite the obstacles we may face as females in the South Asian community. My journey started when I accepted an offer at McMaster University for Social Sciences. Although it may have been great news at the time, I was struggling everyday figuring out my individuality and identity. I knew deep down I wanted to pursue interior design, as it fuels to my creative energy and keeps me motivated in my true element/passion. We live in a cultural society where as women, we are told we are “supposed to” do something, we are “supposed to” go to university to get a degree. “What are people going to say”? Is what I heard when I dropped out of university. My response, “I live for me and not for them… I chase my own happiness”. Women tend to be underestimated in the South Asian community, but I always was seen as an outspoken female not afraid to speak her mind for what she truly believes in.

Since then, I’ve been studying in school to pursue my passion for interior design, in hopes to one day own a design firm. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to connect with designers and work with decor retailers, while building my portfolio. I started an interior design-based Instagram account, @theauraroom where I post my concept designs and creative design boards! This has helped me develop a side business, doing on-site consultations for clients, and providing service for designing their interior spaces! I can truly say I have the freedom to do what makes me happy. And I am truly grateful I have family and friends who support me through it all. I believe the journey is everything, where you fall in love with and trust the process. Personal growth and success are never limited to one aspect such as a career. Your journey to succeed can also display through fitness and health goals, relationships, spiritual insight, emotional growth..and the list continues. There are no limits to what you can accomplish and NEVER let anyone get in the way of your dreams. You are CAPABLE of anything you set your mind to!

Feminism to me is the ability to see everyone as EQUAL. It is having respect for yourself and others. It is aiming high despite the stereotypes you may hear on the way to achieving your greatest potential. I love seeing females who are unique in their own way of working towards their dreams. A woman who does not depend on others for her success, while supporting the success of those around them – male and female. I hope our future female leaders continue to spread EQUALITY & EMPOWERMENT regardless of social status, skin tone, gender, age etc.

My story is only the beginning in hopes to achieve continuously. I hope it inspires youth and women to go after their dreams regardless of what negativity is thrown at them. If I listened to everyone who told me I couldn’t become an interior designer, I wouldn’t be where I am today continuously growing. Don’t dwell on the past, keep your focus on the present moving forward and setting goals. Everyone has a desire to grow, although some may be slower or faster, personal growth has no limit! Trust your higher self and manifest your dreams into reality. Be patient with your progress!

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. – (Think and Grow Rich- Napolean Hill)

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