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I do not have another minute to spare for individuals in our community who treat women as if they are somehow lesser than others.

Though I was born in Canada my parents wished for my sisters and I to be educated in India. I lived in India for 5 years and the culture shock I experienced was appalling. I could not understand why boys the same age as myself were put on a pedestal, how men my father’s age were getting away with abusing their wives, and how women would relish in dragging other females down. When I returned to Canada I realized that it was the same situation here, but you just had to look harder to see it. I sometimes fear that the helplessness I felt due to my inability to help these women, has led me to become someone who cannot excuse even the most “innocent forms of misogyny”. For some individuals raising one’s voice to make a stand, is challenging. Therefore, to those of us who can speak out, we must become loud enough to give those suffering a voice. Our Guru’s didn’t fight battles and create change to enable us to sit back and watch injustice take place around the world and in our homes. Our Guru’s were change-makers in the truest form and we should try our best to live lives worth their sacrifices.

I am so thankful to platforms like Laadliyan who encourage change and empower my sisters to lead better lives. It is strength from these circles that led me to challenge cultural norms and study Drama at Queen’s University. It is these circles that gave me the knowledge and courage to go backpacking across Europe by myself. It is these organizations that I look towards when I organize projects within The Sikh Initiative (Check out our “How Kaurs Lead” series! It’s a forum intended to support, encourage, and instill confidence in Kaurs!) I am truly blessed to have such supportive parents, sisters, and friends. If you ever require help with a project or simply emotional support, I genuinely will have your back. Reach out to me and I will not hesitate to assist in any way I can.

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