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I never really considered myself to be an “ally” per se, I would say I’m more of an advocate or a driver of equality. It is with no question that there is a large discrepancy in equality between Women and Men. Growing up, I noticed first hand the focal point in keeping my family together was my mother. That was my earliest memory of realizing the strength and importance of women. I must proceed with caution, as my little anecdote is not here to reaffirm the mothering role for females (as if that is the only circumstance that the work and importance of women can be recognized). Rather it is a testament to the strength of my mother and other females around the world. 

I try my best to support women throughout my community. I have worked closely with Laadliyan in both my personal and professional life. I have helped with coordinating Feminine Care Drives as well as attended and performed at some of Laadliyan’s events. I have also hosted events for International Women’s Day, as well as spoke on record regarding the importance of Women (particularly marginalized Women of Colour) in Hip Hop and how they have been a crucial aspect of Hip Hop Culture.

It is important that we as society be allies with one another, particularly women within this patriarchal world. After losing my father and seeing how my mom has been coping, I began to realize just how difficult life can be for a woman, I always had an idea, a notion and an understanding, but seeing it on a daily basis… just hits different. It is important we all recognize the roles women play in each of our lives while also working to break down certain constructs that have framed women in an attempt to define their worthiness to current society which can carry negative connotations. 

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