Male Ally Monday: Gurkaran

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My name is Gurkaran Lail and I used to be one of the summer interns for Laadliyan last year. Growing up in a household full of women taught me a lot of what struggles and hardships women have to face in society but mostly within the South Asian community. I am an ally because after seeing the experiences of the women within my own household, I have noticed that when it comes to equality between males and females in the South Asian community there is a struggle. As a society, we must start somewhere for greater and equal change. There is nothing that you can specifically do to be an ally other than being a well rounded person, being respectful towards all women and standing up for them and their rights. Being an ally does not make you any less of a man and will not bring down your masculinity just because you support others. I believe that it is very important for every man to be an ally because imagine if it was your own mother, sister, daughter, cousin or friend in a situation they could not handle without help from someone else, wouldn’t you want someone to support and help them? So why not start today?

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