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My name is Jasmine Kaur Cheema and I am a bhangra dancer on NJM (Nachdi Jawani Diyan Mutiyaran) and also an instructor at Nachdi Jawani. I started dancing while also teaching bhangra when I was just 16 years old. My passion growing up was always more inclined towards Bhangra rather than Giddah. Trying to convince my family that I wanted to enroll in Bhangra was a huge deal, especially when Bhangra wasn’t as big back then as opposed to how popular it has become now. Turning my passion into a part time career really helped me break the ideal instructor stereotype that only men are allowed to teach and learn bhangra whereas women were always supposed to just stick to Giddah. Nachdi Jawani definitely gave me a lot of support when it came to breaking stereotypes in the Bhangra field.  I firmly believe in equality and for me growing up in a household where my parents always treated my brother and I the same has definitely made me stronger and helped shaped my understanding of the world because there’s no reason for girls to be treated differently than boys. Bhangra has opened up a lot of opportunities for me such as modeling. As a female I always have felt like when people think of modeling they think that it’s automatically a bad thing and they don’t see it as a type of art. Proving to society that there are different types of modeling and how not all modeling should be looked down upon as a bad thing. As a dancer, instructor and model I have learned to keep my culture alive through my passion and this is one of the things I am really proud of achieving. I will always strive for bigger and better things because I do know that equality is something that is important and its something that should not be ignored.

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