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The environment I grew up in was always largely led by women, at home both of my parents had a very organic flow with no particular division of power. It wasn’t until I grew older, I realized it was a privilege to be brought up this way. It threw me into a whirlwind and I started noticing microaggressions from both the outside world, but also friends and family I admired. All this boiled down to disappointment, but also hope for the opportunity to create change through a feminist lens.

Feminism itself to me is a deeper issue that can’t be boiled down to a single definition, it is intersectional and so this is how I define it:

Feminism doesn’t stand alone as a movement for women’s empowerment. It is a lifestyle, that we all on a personal and collective level need to continuously improve on. It is decolonization, acceptance of a basic income and equal access to healthcare and opportunities for everyone regardless of their barriers. It is freedom, for those that suffer because they were born unprivileged and marginalized. It is a sisterhood of empowerment and upliftment. It is recognizing that animals have rights and that the environment needs to be taken care of. Feminism is available for anyone who wants to march that pathway and pave the way for a world free of hatred and fear for themselves and the folks that can’t.

The powerful women I was honoured to be surrounded by, and call my mentors, taught me that I have the power to be a voice for those that are unable to. This is where the idea of The Elemnt began. An organization that would focus on self-awareness and identity through a feminist, decolonized and anti-racist lens. Now The Elemnt has a radio show, where my co-host Gurjoat and I explore issues through this lens and allow ourselves to be a voice for the voiceless including through one of our popular segments, ‘Dear Brown Parents’. ‘

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