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I learned at a really young age just how fortunate I was, to live where and when I did. As a little girl, my parents took me back to India a lot, and the blatant inequalities between people is something I could never understand. As I grew older, I realized it happened everywhere, just a little more covertly. I realized just how common issues like domestic abuse are in our community. I’ve always known that I hold a moral obligation to speak out for those that are unable to. Girls just like me, just born in a different part of the world. A girl that could so easily have been me. Yet, I was born in a country that afforded me opportunity, to parents who support me unwaveringly.  This desire is what has brought me to pursue medicine, not just to heal, but to advocate. Its a position that allows you to form bonds with individuals at their most vulnerable self. Combine that with a vulnerable population, and you see just how easy it is for people to fall through the cracks. This journey in and of itself is exhausting, but I’m always reminded by incredible women speaking out, just how powerful and resilient we all are, in our own ways. Change begins in baby steps, in having conversations, and acknowledging  where we are. I’m currently involved in policy work, using platforms around me to educate myself, and speak out on the issues that rattle me when I can. 

Its the relationships we form, and stories from others, that are the most powerful teachers we will ever have in this life. 

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