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Hi there! I’m Parmeet, aka @birdidraws, and I’m a visual designer and illustrator based in Toronto. A lot of the time I’m approached by people that exclaim to me how rare it is to find a South Asian / brown girl making it in a creative arts field. I get it – there is a stigma around the arts and whether it’ll get you in a high-paying, thriving career. Or, maybe you ended up pursuing a different major in school (by choice or by other pressures) and knew you wanted to do something else. I’m here to tell you that you can still pursue your passion(s) while making it – you just have to be strategic about it 😉

Let me begin by mentioning that my educational background is super multidisciplinary – I majored in biology and psychology, did a minor in fine arts, then decided to dive head first into design and user experience. I loved every bit of my education – I was the one who decided to go into science and art, initially knowing that one field may get me farther than the other. I actually learned a lot from my biology path that I still apply to my day-to-day (who’s able to pour any liquid without having it glide down the sides of the bottle? Me 🙋🏻‍♀️). But it turns out even if you decide to pursue higher education, finding a career that’s the right fit for you is an ongoing journey. It never stops and really, it shouldn’t! I learned that once I graduated and began applying to jobs. I went on to learn more, build my portfolio, network and meet individuals who could guide me into opportunities, and the cycle continues… I’m still doing that today! All experience builds upon each other – regardless of which field you begin with.

So, some key advice to your path to success? Don’t be afraid to pursue what you love – be open to opportunities, network and keep meaningful connections, and be open to continuously learn from all sources of knowledge. Keep repeating those steps and you’re unstoppable ✨
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