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I never really thought of myself as someone to break gender stereotypes, I think it has just happened naturally. I remember being judged for not being feminine enough for wearing men’s shirts, or baggy clothing and never thought twice about it – I’ve always done what I want to do. Even being a wedding photographer, there were so many times I was brushed aside when other vendors or guests were looking for guidance…I realized how important it was to present myself confidently so that I could put myself in the position to be a leader, and doing that really changed my perspective.
Feminism to me is a state of mind…not confined to only women. If you’re a feminist you have every opportunity and possibility available to you and encourage others to seize those opportunities as well. I whole heartedly believe that women can do anything, and do it well…I think so many girls and women don’t know the strength they possess, and tapping into that, it can be life changing; remove the doubt, increase the action to your goal. I have grown up with such a strong mother that I never relied on anyone but myself to do the “heavy lifting” – it was “normal”, and I am so glad that I grew up with that “normal”
My greatest achievements have been working with the autistic population and feeling like I have really made a difference in the quality of life for the families I work with. As difficult as some days are (mentally and physically) I promise you there is nothing more rewarding than having a family express their gratitiude for the support and strategies you’ve provided them with. Achieving goals that seemed just like a dream (professional photography) is something that has taught me to push my own personal boundaries because anything is possible as long as you are willing to put in the work and believe in yourself. Overall doing the best I can to be a compassionate human being is my personal best achievement.

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