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This is a spoken word piece I wrote for a South Asian Womens conference I went to in Brampton. This conference was about what Women want today, and it to was to empower South Asian women and female activism. I feel that this piece says everything I want to say about feminism and what I hope for future leaders.

You can’t change the world.

That’s what they tell me when I feel like they are symbolically trying to rip out my vocal cords.
You’re just one voice, and nothing more.

Its society, we behave how we are meant to behave.
And if you have food on your table and a roof over your head its all okay.

This is true, appreciate what you have do not ask for more.
What if more isn’t what I want, its the same that Im looking for. 
The topic isn’t about what you think I should wear.
The topic really is about how you believe my body should be shared.

Marital rape, it’s something thats not an issue but a given,
because when you sign the dotted line you’re a slave to his sexual prison.

Learn to cook, Learn to clean you’re the caretaker for the home
Education is a priority but never the end goal.

Be Independent but never to much
Because at the end of the day only a man can hold you up.

I am a Women, I am strong.
I am a sister and I am a daughter.
My resilience is my strength, and my voice is my power.

Do not try to silence me because I cannot be hushed.
Equality is my aspiration, not marriage, kids or even material stuff.

Mothers inspire your daughters, sister break the norm.
Because through you comes life, you are the eye of the storm.

Do what is right, not what is right now.
Lead the way because tomorrow can be glorious, and nobody can keep you down.

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