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I was recently asked “what does success mean to you?” For me, pin-pointing “success” is like deciding an end point and living in a state of defeat until you reach that point. But. What if success was the beginning? What if success was believing in yourself? What if success was trying something new? What if success was not giving up? That’s what is means to me. The fact that I don’t just sing to my bedroom walls anymore. I decided to believe in my voice. I used to beg people to let me perform and was rejected over and over again. But I’m still here! I’ve played Glastonbury Festival and have sung on stages around the world! I don’t really think about my race, religion or gender when it comes to taking up space. I see it as a selling point! Of course, those things have meant I have to fight harder and deal with a lot confused faces! But I believe in the power of music. I think when your music moves people, it disarms them. It humanises you. And at some point, they begin to see you for who YOU are. 
Amrit is a singer-songwriter, Sarangi player and vocalist in the genres of Punjabi Folk, RnB and soul. Based in London U.K, she tours internationally as a musician, youth worker and social entrepreneur. She is currently a Global Youth Ambassador for A World at School. She studied South Asian History at SOAS University of London. 
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