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My first form of boldness came from the act of me being born a female; it was something my parents celebrated instead of mourned. My earliest memory of understanding what it meant for my mom to have two daughters, and not sons is hearing women of all ages give her their condolences or nods of regret. My greatest act of defiance against gender stereotypes is learning to be my most authentic self but also understating that growth is an everlasting journey.

As a child I was always very observant and sensitive to my surroundings, my ability to empathize lead me to understanding feminism. Feminism for me is equality of all genders while recognising that to reach equality the discussion of equity must always remain on the table. I believe that identifying our oppression and recognizing our power can lead us to create change in our societies, and in our hearts. On the other side of fear there is positive transformation.

Officially I have completed a diploma in Practical Nursing. However, I have been writing since I was 11; words have been a companion through my life and continue to be. Casually writing stories and in my journal lead me to create @_anotherbrowngirl_ ,  through this handle I have been able to share parts of my self with fellow brown girls. I hope to continue sharing and allow myself to be apart of the revolution creating a safer space especially for our daughters, but also our sons and everyone alike.

I hope that our future female leaders have strong, resilient and defiant brown women to look up to. I hope they see themselves represented accurately through text and television. When young girls are fighting for their beliefs I hope they can feel less afraid because we have paved safer roads to justice for them.

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