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My name is Harman Kaur and I am a writer, spoken word artist, and author from Abbotsford, BC. I recently wrote Phulkari, a debut collection of my poetry, which delves into themes such as womanhood through the lens of a Panjabi Sikh woman living in Canada.

Through my poetry, I have been able to travel across Canada and the US, and I have had the privilege of meeting many people, especially young women who are full to the brim with their experiences and stories. My hope is to inspire young women, especially women who look like me, to follow their passions in a world that tends to work against us. I want the women and girls who come after me to be even more successful than I have been, and it gives me so much joy when women message me saying my writing has inspired them to write or follow their own passions.

My goal is to continue writing for myself and for these women. The world and culture we live in tends to pit women against each other, but I believe that there are NOT ENOUGH women, specifically Panjabi and Sikh women at the forefront, and there is ALWAYS room for more. The visibility of Panjabi Sikh women will always be beneficial to generations of Panjabis and Sikhs, and this is what my purpose in life is, to be a visible and unapologetic Kaur

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