Night of Courage

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Laadliyan’s Night of Courage

A few months ago, we had an idea. Through hard work and a lot of planning, we finally executed that idea on September 14th, 2018. Our Night of Courage event was the result of excitement, anticipation, a love of art, and a love of our community.

This was a community arts showcase held at Lab B that displayed content from a diverse range of creators and reinforced that courage exists in everyone. We wanted this event to allow people to exhibit everything they had to offer, whether it be their writing talent, or their visual artistry skills. With a relaxed, gallery-type atmosphere, and a unique range of vocal and theatrical performances, we hoped to set a relaxed mood and get the night started off great.

We initially had our artists show off their visual displays, and say a few words on their art pieces. All of our artists created moving, vulnerable pieces that displayed how courage can take the form of owning your identity, overcoming your fears, and reclaiming what holds you back. They all put such time and thought into their works, with painstaking detail and beautiful colours to get the artist’s courageous message cross.

Next up, we had our vocal performances. We had some wonderful spoken word artists and a theatrical one-woman performance. Our spoken word performers gave riveting shows. They were expressive, diverse, emotional, and inspiring. With each word they said, the energy in the room grew intense, and it was a truly wonderful thing to see people so dedicated to their craft. Similarly, we had a one-woman performance of 50 Shades of Brown Girl by Amrita Kumar-Ratta, which addressed powerful issues relevant to many first and second-generation South Asian women today.

It was an event better than anything we could ever have imagined, and we would like to thank everyone who helped plan it and attended. Thank you for making this dream a reality!

Most importantly, we would like to thank Zahra, Barkha, Gurnoor, Pooja, Binalpreet, Supreet, Peter, Amrita, and Anu. Your wonderful art and your wonderful words made this night a reality, and we would like to acknowledge your courage and your participation as creators in this event!


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