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Woman of the week

Jaideep Brar

Growing up in India, there is a lot of injustice a woman can face, one being sex-selective abortion. My mother dealt with Female-Selective Abortion (FSA) in 2001, and I had to be raised by my naani (maternal grandmother) until my younger brother was born.

My mother has been raising my brother and me alone for many years and has never made us feel like we were missing anything. She has truly been an example of a woman that is capable of doing anything; My powerful female role model.

Since the age of 15, I have been self-employed as a henna artist and have now become a certified lash extension technician and makeup artist. The beauty field has always been an interest of mine, and my whole life I gravitated towards hobbies that allowed me to be artistic. Over time, I realized doing makeup and doing henna could allow me to be a part of both the beauty and art community. Being a successful young adult shows how wrong and uneducated the opinions on FSA are.


What feminism means to me is the simple idea that every female should be given an equal chance in whatever they choose to do, only then will they bloom into the best version of themselves. In order to have a bright future, shining light on these topics is a must and I would love to see other girls achieving their goals despite the position and mindset they were surrounded by as children.

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