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Woman of the week

Gurnoor Chahal

I grew up in a very supportive family environment where my parents always encouraged me to gain new experiences. I was raised in a household where I was always taught to be a bold individual. Even though my opinions were valued at my home, I eventually realized that society looked down upon women. Having spent most of my life in India, I’ve come across many instances, outside of home, where I felt like I wasn’t good enough according to society’s standards. However, I’m very grateful that my parents taught me that it is not my job to please the society and that it is impossible to meet the unrealistic standards that the society sets for women.
I think that it is very unfortunate that not all females in our community are raised with this mindset. I’ve always felt that it is very crucial for women to have the same freedom as men so that they can live up to their full potential. Even though gender inequality in our community is a very common issue, I feel proud that so many of us young females are speaking up against it and there to support each other. Seeing the progress that our generation has made raising awareness about gender inequality, I’m very hopeful that this issue will soon come to an end.
I found out about Laadliyan at a Women’s Day celebration in 2016 and this summer, I got the opportunity to work with them as a summer intern. I was very excited to be a part of the Laadliyan team because I really admired the work that they had done in the past and their aim inspired me very much. I was fascinated by meeting these amazing young women who were so motivated to empower other South Asian females in our community. The beautiful experiences that I gained at Laadliyan will always be unforgettable memories for me and this organization will forever remain close to my heart.

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