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Woman of the week:

Jasmin Pannu

When I quit my cushy-corporate job to pursue the arts full-time, I told only one other person. This wasn’t the first time I chose to leave a salary for art. I had done it a few years earlier when I was 21. I remembered it clearly, I left a ‘good bank job’ right out of school to try my hand at entrepreneurship. I wasn’t ready and ended up going back to salary. And so, when I chose to do the same this time around I remembered all of the people and all of the ways they told me I couldn’t and shouldn’t do it. Oh, and this time around, I had a mortgage under my name, but I did it anyway.
Fast forward to today and I’m making more with my artwork than I ever have in corporate.
As a culture, we must remember to empower our youth- especially our girls. Many of the arguments to stay in my office-job insinuated the lifestyle I ought to strive for (nothing too ambitious, just ‘normal’ enough). I’ve been privileged to have met many strong, ambitious women who have countered that by leading by example.
A big part of my motivation to be as successful, smart and wealthy as I can is so that I too can open doors for women who will come after me. I want to empower girls (from our culture and otherwise) to never be afraid of their talents, intelligence or ambition. To instead move forward with their dreams with unwavering conviction that the world will make room for them.


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