WOTW: Zayn Dhillon

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Woman of the week:

Zayn Dhillion

Being a girl in the South Asian community has always been an interesting experience, and I’ve dealt with my fair share of expectations and pressure. There’s a sort of unspoken path we’re expected to follow a lot of the time, and I’ve always questioned that because those boundaries have been stifling to me from a very young age. I have big goals in life that I want to reach, and if that means putting off the traditions of marriage and kids until I’m ready for them, then I want to do that so I can ensure the best future for myself and gain so many more experiences throughout my life. I’ve gained a lot more confidence from this mindset, learned to see the world through a more equity-focused lens and changed my perspective of what being a woman in today’s world is really like. When I first heard about Laadliyan and the work they did, I found it surprising because I’ve never heard of South Asian women having our issues talked about. It was refreshing and it drew me in. It’s been an absolute blast working with the team this summer as an Executive Assistant to bring light to a cause so near to me. I’ve gained so many skills in 16 weeks, and each work day, event, community outreach booth, and workshop has become a treasured experience. This organization has become a big part of my life, so expect me to stick around with you forever, Laadliyan! While I continue my involvement with Laadliyan, I am going on to continue my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Anthropology, and aim to get a few more after that. As for the future, times are changing and the world is expanding rapidly through so many intersections. Strong women of all kinds are rising up to fight for what is right, and I hope that they will make lasting impacts everywhere. The future is female.



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