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Woman of the week

Tarleen Bajwa

As the eldest child of three, my parents were more strict with me growing up. I was the child that had to be rebellious or have my voice heard which my parents weren’t used to. Eventually, my parents learned that growing up here in Canada is so much different compared to India. It was always more about “what will others say”. I’m glad I’ve learned to communicate better with my parents in order for them to better understand our generation. Every family has their problems but I strongly believe communication is key and now I can be completely honest with my parents about what I do so that they know I’m not hiding it from them.

When I first came across the laadliyan page I was automatically pulled towards it because I could relate and I believe there’s so many issues in the south Asian community that aren’t talked about at all or enough, and that should be. I applied for the summer intern position and landed the job as a program assistant. Working for laadliyan has never felt like a job. From our program called Biji & me, to setting up booths, to workshops. Everything has been a learning experience and I’ve gained so much in just 8 weeks. Although my intern period is over, my goal is to stay involved forever. I would like to thank the laadliyan team for this experience, and becoming an important part of my life. As I continue to work with laadliyan I plan on completing school and doing my masters in political science. I have also been working for CBSA in the intelligence department and hope to continue making a difference in one way or another.

Your very own Laadli.


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