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Father Daughter Fridays 

Story submitted by: Sandeep Rai

I was the first child of a 20-year-old man who was a recent immigrant in Canada. Everyone prayed that his first child should be a son because “it’s difficult to carry the burden of a daughter at such a young age.” However, this thought never crossed the mind of my father. In fact, all he could think of, is what he wanted to name his first baby. He said, boy or girl, it doesn’t make a difference, my first baby will be Sandeep. A lot of people question me isn’t Sandeep a boy’s name? It makes me think, aren’t most Indian names unisex? When there is no difference in how we name our sons and daughters, why is there a difference in the way we treat them? From a young age, I was fortunate to be raised by a man who treated me no differently than my younger brother. 

Most people tell my Dad that he has spoiled his daughter, that she’s a Laadli and that she is no different than anyone else’s daughter. To that my dad says, “Yes I am proud of who my daughter is and in my upbringing, however I am not stopping others from doing the same. In fact everyone should be as confident in the decisions theirs daughters make, the same way they are with their sons decisions.”

Recently, one of my dad’s friends just had a second baby girl and their family was sad because their first baby was also a girl. My father congratulated him and asked “why the frown, had I known that my child was going to be like Sandeep, I would have considered having three children instead of two!” This statement made by my father, brought a smile on the face of a new father of a baby girl. 

This story is about my father and many other fathers out there. I am extremely fortunate to be raised by a man who has never treated his daughter differently than his son. Every daughter deserves to be treated this way. All men like my father, should be supported, not looked down upon.

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