WOTW: Poonam and Priyanka Shah

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Woman of the week:

Poonam and Priyanka Shah

Gender stereotypes are very much still alive today, especially in India. A woman is supposed to be loving, caring, cooking, dutiful and ambitious enough to have a career, all in one. Especially after a certain age, namely marrying age. All of our friends are getting married, ironically. We’re not sure we break stereotypes, but we have no plans other than making our dreams come to true in Los Angeles- still can’t cook (lol), not in relationships, and just trying to figure out who we are rather than focusing on anyone else. We feel that knowing and loving yourself is the cornerstone of lasting happiness.

Feminism. To us, it means for a woman to love herself and know she deserves everything in the world, as much as any man and to know she is capable of anything, no matter what anyone says.

Achievements- to stay being true to ourselves and allow ourselves to do what we think, despite the noise of society and anyone else.

We hope future female leaders keep believing in their infinite power and never get jaded by the politics. We hope they stay strong and passionate.



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