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Woman of the week:

Hima Rai

I grew up in a strict household. I wasn’t allowed to have friends or participate in after school programs because I am a girl. I understood the need my parents had to protect me, but this very thing became the reason i did not have confidence growing up. As I grew older I started to push the limits and became a bit of a rebel. I met my husband at the age of 17 and he always encouraged me to do what felt right for me. I started university at the age of 20, majored in psychology, moved out at the age of 22 due to domestic situations at home. Quite a big deal for someone who was so sheltered growing up. To top it off, I moved out with my bf (now husband) I went to school, full time, during the day and went to work, full time, during the evening, while doing makeup for family/ friends on the side.

I graduated with honours. It was definitely one of the hardest yet one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Not only did it teach me the value of time and money but it allowed me to become independent. I discovered my own voice through this. I began speaking up for myself and whatever I disagreed with.. this led to fallouts with friends who weren’t used to me having a voice. I was finally becoming more of who I wanted to be and less of what others expected me to be. Through my new found confidence and voice I decided to turn my passion for makeup into a business and, with the support of the right people in my life, @makeupbyhimarai came into existence.

Now, I work full time as a special education assistant and run my own business. I believe I was able to do so because I fought hard to find my voice and even harder to keep it. My hope for future female leaders is that they fight hard for their values, beliefs and opinions. Don’t let anyone talk you out of doing the right thing for yourself! If you disagree with something.. speak up. If you think something should be done about a certain situation, take the necessary steps to do it yourself. Take any kind of setbacks and heartaches and use them as fuel to propel yourself towards success. It is SO VERY important to believe in your voice and your truth regardless of what your family, friends or society tells you. Most importantly it is vital to your being to LIVE your truth, and to live it fearlessly!”


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