June 2018 Newsletter

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This Month’s Top News

Biji & Me

This month, on Sunday June 3rd, we hosted our second Biji & Me workshop. We held a focus on mental health, with a painting activity to help spark the creative sides in our grandmothers and granddaughters. Our focus on mental health in this workshop was incredibly important, as it’s such an intense taboo in the South Asian community that is rarely discussed.

Our wonderful guest speaker, Jessie Brar, helped to shine a light on the issues that arise with the stigma surrounding mental illness, and what we as individuals can do to help ourselvesand each otherwhen it comes to taking care of our minds. Jessie is the creator of The Mental Health Spotlight, a project that hopes to bring awareness to mental health in the South Asian community, and is a strong advocate for psychological wellness. She sat down with us during our workshop and shared her story of dealing with mental illness, and openly answered questions with our group. She stressed the importance of seeing a professional should you feel the need to address your mental health concerns. She also advocated for turning to those you love, so that they may help you and in turn you can help them.

The discussion that was facilitated in our workshop was well received, and we were met with some incredible stories shared by the youth and older women in attendance. We had created a safe space; a space where people felt comfortable enough to share the issues they had dealt with, and take part in a talk meant to tear down the stigma encompassing mental health in the community.

Jessie Brar, our Laadliyan team, and the wonderful grandmothers and granddaughters that create Biji & Me!


Merch Store Launch

We have officially launched the Laadliyan merch store! We have some great items on sale, including our iconic Laadli shirt, the tote bag, and mug! We’ve also added Laadli shirts in baby and youth sizes. Our wonderful graphic designer, Nav, actually created our latest design, a t-shirt based off of the recent viral video, showing the phrase “Tussi Mainu Keha Roti Paun Layi?!”

A lot of hard work has gone into the creation of this store, with our team promoting and managing it every step of the way so that you and everyone else receives the best experience purchasing from our store! Our recent sale ended on June 25th, but we’re working to have another one coming soon!

There’s more to come your way regarding merch in the near future, however, so stay tuned!

Gender Roles in the Home Workshop

On Wednesday June 13th, our team hosted a workshop at Malton Neighbourhood Services with a girls group to discuss gender roles in the home. We facilitated discussion to help start a bigger conversation regarding strength. Specifically, why strength is always associated with men, and why weakness is always associated with women. 

All of our girls were in high school, and most had siblings, leading to an interesting discussion about what kinds of things they did around the house, as well as what they had observed in their place as sisters and daughters. Throughout, we participated in the groups as well, dropping in with anecdotes about housework or what we have experienced in our own families.

We heard interesting experiences recounted from many people in the group, such as how they have been expected to be in the kitchen with other women during a gathering while the males are not, or how they have heard for years that they are expected to be married and have children. This resulted in a lot of nodding in understanding from others around them, and was considered normal for almost all of us in the workshop. It lead to questions from all of us; why should women be the only ones cooking? Or why should we be the only ones with pressure placed upon us to get married?

Through discussing our different gender roles in the home, we established that despite there sometimes being equal distribution of work in the home or freedom, girls can still be restricted in a lot of ways. We can try to change that, however, and that can come from us being strong, and choosing to be our own person.

Every girl’s story was different, but each of us agreed on one thing: no matter what, a woman was just a strong as a man and could do everything he could. 

The bright young women with the Laadliyan team as we discussed gender roles in the home.

Brampton’s Top 40 Under 40

Our founder and CEO, Manvir Bhangu, recently won an award from Brampton’s Top 40 Under 40! They recognize the next generation of up-and-coming leaders in the community, and awards them for their achievements in areas like innovation, influence, reach, mentor-ship, and for being the catalyst of change in the community. 

We are proud to say that Manvir expresses all of these qualities and so much more, pushing forth with a full time job, the founding of Laadliyan, and for doing community work along the way. Thanks for making a difference in the lives of South Asian girls and women, helping to start a conversation that is so sorely needed in our community today. The entire team is happy to be apart of the change you are creating, and the waves of difference that are visible to us all.

Congratulations for your well-deserved recognition, Manvir!


What to expect for July 2018!

We have a lot of exciting events and news heading your way in July! Our third Biji & Me workshop is taking place with a focus on traditional dancing and boliyaan (Punjabi folk songs).

We also have an event for youth: a Dating in the South Asian Culture workshop taking place on July 19th, 2018! It’ll be a relaxed, chill atmosphere where we can discuss a great topic over refreshments, in great company!

Keep up to date with us to hear more about what we have going on here at Laadliyan, Celebrating Daughters!

Also, we would like to give a big thank you to everyone who supports and contributes to Laadliyan, with your unwavering love and passion to help make a difference in the community, one woman at a time. Thank you.

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