Dating In The South Asian Culture

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On Thursday July 20th, we hosted a discussion on Dating in the South Asian Culture, which was open to everyone to attend. The purpose of this event was to begin having conversations about dating when it comes to the South Asian Culture. As many of us would agree, the topic of dating isn’t generally talked about in many of our homes for a vareity of reasons. Whether that’s because parents aren’t open to the concept or don’t understand it or youth don’t feel comfortable talking to their parents about it openly, we cannot deny the fact that a lot young South Asians are dating. We can all agree that most of our parents were not brought up in the same environment as us and were not familiar with dating and relationships growing up, however, through our discussion we tried to shed light on the realities of todays young South Asian youth and how the generational and cultural gap play a role in how young people are dating in our culture.

The discussion covered different topics from parents views, dating expectations, intercaste and interracial dating/relationships/marriage, same sex relationships, arranged marriages, safety in relationships, health and unhealthy relationships.

This event was open to the public for free to attend and we encouraged youth to bring their parents along! The age group of this event ranged from 15-45 year olds.  Hearing different stories and opinions about dating in the South Asian culture really helped getting the group of people who came out to open up about their opinions and views. Some of the qoutes that stood out to us from the event were:

How do your parents feel about you being in a relationship?

“My parents are 50/50 when it comes to me dating”

“My parents are slowly getting into the idea of me dating. I have to ease them into it and make them understand” 

Do your parents care about the caste system?

“They care about the religion more about caste”

” My grandparents, relatives, family back home care more than my parents do”

Would they allow you to date someone outside of your caste?

“My parents are happy as long as I date someone who is in the same religion as me.”

How would your parents react to a same sex relationship/marriage?

“It’s not talked about”

” A lot of people such as parents, grandparents etc, don’t understand it”

Do you believe in an arranged marriage?

” Depends on the two people, and how they connect”

“It is used as a person’s last option”

We want to thank everyone who attended our first attempt at such an event. We tried our best to keep the discussion engaging and thought provoking and we hope to do more events like this in the future. Hopefully, more parents will attend and we can openly begin to discuss such taboo topics in our homes and in our community.


– Laadliyan’s Summer Team



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