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Woman of the week

Neha Modgil

Growing up in a South-Asian family wasn’t easy; it had its ups and downs, especially when it came to the things that I could and could not do. At first, I was unsure as to why things were the way they were; but then it hit me: it’s because I’m a Girl. Whether it was showing more affection to the boys in my family or giving them certain privileges, instead of me, really left me giving into the idea that: a girl has only one goal in life – to fulfil domestic duties and be married off to live a happy life. But, could this be the ONLY way to define a woman? The answer is: NO WAY!

A woman should be known for her personality, her character and uniqueness; for her goals, ambitions and accomplishments; And that was the woman I wanted to be! With my strong-willed nature and determination (I get that from my Nani), I chose to break those barriers and wanted to prove to everyone that I, too, can be independent and successful. I wanted to be a Photographer and I set my mind to it. When I came to this decision, I was told by many that “It’s a waste of time; there’s no scope” and that “It’s a man’s world and I should reconsider what I want to do in life” because “becoming a doctor is better off”. I did not let the words and judgment of others cloud my vision and continued to listen to my heart. Being fond of Art was second nature to me and pursuing such a career was as easy as making Aloo Gobi. Thus, over these last 5 years, I’ve successfully covered numerous Weddings, Fashion and Lifestyle shoots and was recently part of IFFSA – the International Film Festival of South Asia, as a Team Photographer. It’s crazy how time flies, but now, when I look back, I’ve realized that every bit of the journey was worth it! So, to all future female leaders, Be True; Be You; Be Unstoppable! And remember, ANYTHING is possible BECAUSE YOU’RE A GIRL!


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