WOTW: Maneet Chahal

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I am so incredibly proud to have co-founded a platform where mental health can be acknowledged. Acknowledged within our community, our homes, and even equally identified in men & women.

My experience with creating SOCH has allowed me to push boundaries within the South Asian culture. It is not so long ago where it was impossible to foresee a mental health workshop taking place in a Gurdwara.

Our community needs to recognize the limitless potential of female leaders. Women are unique in their making and withhold the ability to heal the masses.

SOCH was created by the union of two independent change makers, who didn’t stop trying when Gurdwara committee members turned away at the sight of two young females.

Today SOCH has completed 18 mental health promotional workshops, has been the first to conduct a mental health event in a Gurdwara, and has started its own mental health TV show with the Sikh Channel called “Apni SOCH”.

Honour your vision. You were given it for a reason. I am blessed to be chosen to do this work.

All the love & light

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