WOTW: Jessie Brar

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Growing up, I struggled a lot with my mental health. By 8, I was struggling with anxiety. By 10, I was struggling with body dysmorphia. By 14, I was struggling with depression. By 18, I was struggling with alcoholism. I was always ashamed of my struggles and rarely told anyone. A few times when I did, I was met with “it’s okay, you’re probably just getting your period” or “you’re just being emotional, you’ll get over it”.

People blamed my womanhood for my mental illnesses. And that was not okay. I was constantly met with stigma. For years I struggled in silence. Eventually, I found my voice and started speaking up about my struggles. Not only did I want people to know that it was okay to talk about mental health, but it was something we all have. For the past few years, I have been an active mental health advocate with @TheMHSpotlight. However, when I started this, again I was told I was too emotional to pursue this as a career; “how can you help someone when you get upset so easily?”

I wanted to show them that they were wrong. I worked hard, graduated with a degree in Psychology and pursued my dream job with Jack.org. I want other girls to know that you are not less than, no matter what anyone says. You are incredible. Intelligent. Divine. My hope is that in the future, no girl will second guess her dreams because she knows she can do anything she puts her mind to.

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