WOTW : Jasmeet Chagger

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Along with my best friend and fellow badass female changemaker, I co-founded SOCH, an initiative that provides our community with a platform to share their experiences of mental health challenges while learning healthy strategies to strengthen their well-being.

The unfortunate patriarchal influence within the South Asian culture motivated me to break gender stereotypes and tackle such a taboo topic within our own community by allowing the voice of many suppressed individuals to be heard.

SOCH is not just my initiative. SOCH is a family. SOCH is a movement to allow every human being to understand that they are worthy, that they have the potential to change the world and it all starts by changing our SOCH (thinking) about our own mental health and acknowledging that our greatest superpower lies within us – we just have to have the support and courage to unleash it.

Identify thoughts. Challenge ideas. Create Change.

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